Patient Resources


  • Can I make an appointment online?

    Yes, please login to the patient portal to request an appointment. New patients will need to provide some information about themselves to get their account set up. Returning patients can login to the portal and then request an appointment which will be confirmed by our staff.

  • Are there resources for low income families to get diabetes supplies and medications?

    It's critical that diabetes patients take their medicines. A few options are available to those who have difficulty paying for the supplies and medications.

    • Many oral diabetes pills and types of insulin are available as "generic" which costs less than name brands in most cases.
    • The Diabetes America pharmacy service, MedEase, offers reduced co-pays on supplies and medicines plus free delivery to your home or office within 72 hours of placing your order.
    • Pharmaceutical companies often offer assistance plans to help with the cost of medications. Ask your physician about this or contact the manufacturer of your non-generic medicines for assistance. Many also include online information for patient assistance programs.

  • What are some good resources to learn more about diabetes?

    It is important to gather information regarding diabetes from trusted resources. The following are examples of reputable organizations with websites that can help answer questions. Do not use any online information as a diagnosis. If you think you may have the signs of diabetes, be sure to schedule an appointment with a physician as soon as possible.

    American Diabetes Association

    National Diabetes Education Program

    YMCA's Diabetes Prevention Program

  • How do I choose the best blood glucose meter?

    An educator at your DiabetesAmerica location will help you decide which meter would work best for you based on your preference and out-of-pocket cost, if any. A free glucose meter is available to many patients through our MedEase pharmacy program. Your results can be downloaded for your physician to review and it's bilingual. Learn more on our Pharmacy page.

  • How do I request a prescription refill?

    If you know you'll need a refill, talk to your medical team during your next office visit. If you are out of medicine or will run out before your next office visit, please call your physician's office or request a refill via our patient portal. If you are using MedEase for your refills, you can also contact the pharmacy directly to request a refill at 817-855-1035. if you are not currently using our convenient mail order pharmacy for all of your diabetes testing supplies, prescriptions or equipment needs. please ask your medical assistant, educator or physician about how you can get started with MedEase.

  • How do I reach my physician after hours or on weekends?

    If you have an emergency go directly to an emergency center or call 911. If you have an urgent, but not life-threatening question after the office has closed or on the weekends, call your location directly and select the option to speak with the after hours educator. After speaking with this professional, your doctor will be contacted if necessary.